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The Empty Pages update, April 2018:


The first record from The Empty Pages has been very well received, both from CD sales and some encouraging data from online streaming services, most notably Spotify and Apple Music. This has all come mainly from advertising on social media and word of mouth, as well as the exposure gained from the various positive reviews the record has had so far (click the links above to read).


With the exception of a live video of Welcome to the New World, posted on YouTube late last year featuring myself and Stuart, and the same song appearing in a set of mainly covers the two of us played at a local beer festival last year, none of the material from the record has been played live since it's release, and this is something I intend to change.


Due to various time commitments the contributing musicians from the first record will not be featuring in a live line-up of The Empty Pages at this time. Instead, The Empty Pages going forward as a live concern will feature myself on guitar and vocals and the extremely talented Stamford musician Fredo Miceli, also on guitar and vocals. We are currently rehearsing and arranging the songs from the record as a duo with a view to playing live when the time is right, and so far the results are very promising.


As far as a follow-up record goes, the writing is not far from being finished, and a lot of recording has already been completed. Updates will be posted when the process is nearer completion.


Thanks for all the positive comments so far for The Empty Pages!