I was so pleased to hear some good friends from Peterborough and Stamford playing music that they have created themselves. I was intrigued to hear what has been achieved when they decide to put pen to paper.


“The Empty Pages” consists of 10 tracks created in the Country style. All songs are by Kieran Wade, who is also highly accomplished on lead guitar, and also adds some backing vocals to Stuart Hendry`s excellent singing, Stu also plays rhythm guitar, the two working as accessories to each other, producing superb results. Sean Dunmore is awesome as always on the drums, and holds the band together with great timing and rhythm. He also adds some fabulous backing vocals when required. Andy Dearlove is ever-present with the steadying influence of that lovely bass.


1. Autumn Girl – a punchy uplifting number with great harmonies, could be a good track for dancing, or just getting into the groove.

2. Bring Me Home is a slower track with clear lyrics in the classic country style.

3. The Old Mill Lane - we hear Kieran`s voice with a nice melodic tune and some great guitar pickin`.

4. The Night I Saw Her Dance - back with Stu`s vocals, a lovely melody – shall we dance?

5. Looking Down From Peveril - beautiful lyrics, beautifully sung by Stu.

6. Magic 66 - upbeat instrumental.

7. We`re Going To Go Far - easy listening in a classic country style.

8. Face In The Crowd - typical country/pop with clear lyrics and excellent guitar licks.

9. Glad To Be Free - another quicker rhythm track maybe for dancing, yeehaa!

10. Welcome To The New World - pleasant and melodic track, slowing things down to meet the end of the record.


In its entirety, the composition was performed and produced in a professional manner, the band was tight, with all four members complementing each other very well. All in all a very enjoyable experience, well done lads, and thank you.


Reviewer: Pete Stimpson


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