'The Day The Sun Stands Still' starts with one voice and one piano stripped back and laid bare and then leading into the second verse a cello is introduced.  This song is beautiful in its simplicity and when the guitar solo fades in towards the end it really gives the song that extra dynamic.  It's stunning.  


'New York Queen' is also gorgeous containing nothing but an intricate guitar picker, two voices and a lilting melody.


'I'm So Tired' is really uptempo considering the title.  It has a 60's rockabilly style guitar solo.  It's about not taking the advice offered so ending up in trouble and shamefully having to face that person and apologise.


'One Last Serenade' is a waltz with an Irish flavour.  It's a goodbye song.  He is going to miss her while he continues his journey so he wants her to sing a song so that he can remember her wherever he is in the world.


The penultimate song is 'I've Found My Place'  and it's about knowing who you are.  It's another song that gets you tapping your toes along in time to the rhythm.  


'When The Cold Wind Blows' is the final track on 'The Wanderer'.  Almost acapella apart from the occasional strum of the guitar strings.  He is waiting for autumn to end and winter to set in because that's when his girl will be leaving.


Overall 'The Wanderer' is a very enjoyable album that would enhance any music library.


Forever British Country, September 2019.

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