Q: Are you currently playing these songs live and if you are how do they feel to you now that the record is done. Sometimes bands switch it up live - Do you guys interpret the songs different ways?


A: Actually no, not at the moment. This record was first and foremost a studio project, and none of the songs had ever been performed prior to being recorded. Myself and the rest of the guys who played on the record are all in a busy functions band together and that takes up a lot of our time. Stuart and I have had some sessions where we've started looking at how to arrange these songs for live performance, and managed to produce a live run-through for a YouTube video of the song “Welcome to the New World,” which worked nicely for two guitars and vocals. I'm certainly not ruling out the possibility of getting out to play live as The Empty Pages at some point though.


Q: This is your debut. Can we expect another album or EP anytime soon? What else should people know about the band?


A: Yes hopefully! Soon after this debut was released, work started on the follow-up record. I've got several new songs demoed and once the collection is big enough I'll send them across to the others to listen to and the process can start again for what will hopefully become The Empty Pages Vol.2.


October 2017.

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